How do you make a new project that isn't auto-loaded with Ranorex .dlls?

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How do you make a new project that isn't auto-loaded with Ranorex .dlls?

Post by jmarkman » Tue Nov 27, 2018 4:47 pm

Hey all,

My team would like to create multiple projects in a solution. Our testing code doesn't exclusively deal with UI automation, so we'd like to be able to make projects that don't have their references clogged with all of the various Ranorex UI-related dependencies. We actually like using the Ranorex UI to do our element searching rather than writing individual Find methods to build our repo.

One approach I've been toying with is creating the solution in Ranorex, doing as much UI element repo population as I can before writing any code, and then making new projects in the solution via Visual Studio (also where I do the actual development). This is less than ideal as a workflow, and this entire process goes out the window if I ever have to load the solution in Ranorex again to add more UI elements: all of the non-Ranorex projects are removed from the solution (not deleted), and I have to manually re-add them in Visual Studio to continue working.

Is there some way to accomplish this separation of project types so we aren't inundated with dependencies? We're almost exclusively using the WinForms and Cef libraries, so being able to clear out all of the other UI libraries we aren't using (Java, Office, SAP, Qt, Delphi, Flex, etc.) would be great.

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Re: How do you make a new project that isn't auto-loaded with Ranorex .dlls?

Post by odklizec » Wed Nov 28, 2018 9:24 am


I'm afraid, there is currently no way to create a Ranorex project without all/selected Ranorex references. You can create a feature request here and hope it will collect enough votes ;) ... ve-ranorex
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