How to execute Ranorex in continuous integration ?

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How to execute Ranorex in continuous integration ?

Post by Zekdar » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:01 pm


I've been automating our application built in WPF, and now I would like to integrate it in our contious integration system (TFS).

At first, I would like to make a nightly execution. For the moment, I created a scheduled task that runs the .exe Ranorex file but it does not work (black screenshots and the tests are not running anyway).

So what would you recommend to do this ? Maybe there's a better way than scheduled tasks ?
And secondly, how do you integrate tests into continuous integration within Team Foundation Server ? (I already read the blog article but it didn't help me so far).


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Re: How to execute Ranorex in continuous integration ?

Post by Support Team » Mon Mar 10, 2014 5:23 pm

Hello Zekdar,

In order to help you with your issue, we would need some additional information.

May I ask you to answer the following questions:
Is your Test running on a Virtual Machine?
Is your workstation locked during the test?

Regarding you second question:
Have you read this article on the Microsoft Webside?

Please also have a look at these links for more information: ... norex.html ... norex.html

Kind regards,
Markus (S)