How to get element from window as provided in screen shot

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How to get element from window as provided in screen shot

Post by shahnawaz2222 » Sat Sep 17, 2016 11:10 am

How to get element from the window which is not picked up by Spy.
Seems like grid is VFFlexGrid.
Please find attachment for details where element is marked in red.
We have to retrieve values from this grid.
Please help us to resolve this issue.Our customer ID is:Customer ID: RX718553

We tried below code but returning children elements are zero.
Report.Log(ReportLevel.Info , "Printed Successfully");

1. Attached screen shot(3rd one) of Ranorex snapshop where only scroll bars are listed but not the grid available in that control.
2. Similarly, When we wrote below code :

if(repo.ApolloWorkflowQueueManager.Element79606112.Children.Count > 0)
Report.Log(ReportLevel.Info , repo.ApolloWorkflowQueueManager.Element79606112.Children.Count.ToString());
foreach(Element r in repo.ApolloWorkflowQueueManager.Element79606112.Children)
Report.Log(ReportLevel.Info , r.ToString() + " 1");

//table = repo.ApolloWorkflowQueueManager.Element79606112.FindChild<Table>();
Report.Log(ReportLevel.Info , "Printed Failed");

It returns only scroll bars controls as children of specified control.

3. We don't have flexgrid control in DLL format. It is available only in Ocx format where it has to be added in toolbox.
But Ranorex is not allowing to run Ocx file and control is not available for accessing.
Snapshot with scroll bar only.png
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Error page
Error.png (75.4 KiB) Viewed 1080 times

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Re: How to get element from window as provided in screen shot

Post by odklizec » Mon Sep 19, 2016 8:49 am


Apparently, Ranorex is not able to identify the 'inner' elements of the VSFlexGridL control. This is a typical problem of custom controls with no or limited accessibility support. Your only hope is most probably using GDI Capture List, as described here: ... tions.html

Basically, you should add the class name of element 79606112 to GDI Capture List, refresh the spy and hope it will show some RAWText elements where you can find and validate desired text. Good luck.
Pavel Kudrys
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