How to make data binding permanent?

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How to make data binding permanent?

Post by Prasanna1110 » Wed Jan 03, 2018 3:15 pm


When I run my test case by binding all the variables, it is working fine.
But, when I push the changes i made to the stash repository and re-clone it again. Variables are seemed to be unbounded automatically which makes us to bind it again and work.

Attaching an image of the unbound variables.

What is causing this issue?
Is there any possibility to make the variables bind forever?

Would be thankful if I get any help.

Thank You and Regards,
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Re: How to make data binding permanent?

Post by ahoisl » Thu Jan 04, 2018 9:53 am

Prasanna1110 wrote:Is there any possibility to make the variables bind forever?
Actually, all data bindings are permanent in Ranorex, there are no temporary bindings. The bindings are stored in the *.rxtst file corresponding to the test suite. If you check all changes for that file in and push it to your Git server, the changes/bindings should be available on a re-clone.

Can you reproduce the problem locally (without a re-clone) by just copying the complete solution (directory) to a different directory on your hard disk and open the solution from there?

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Re: How to make data binding permanent?

Post by Vaughan.Douglas » Thu Jan 04, 2018 6:16 pm

I have seen this happen myself, but I've never been able to recreate it in controlled circumstances.
If this really is an issue with Ranorex, I suspect it has something to do with the data sources themselves. Say someone goes into an Excel file and makes changes and pushes out the changes before Ranorex reloads them. I know it isn't as simple as that exact scenario because it's something tested out.

In the end, I think the problem is a user error. Someone isn't merging correctly. Or they're not storing the RXTST file itself. I did have one user that would save off their rxtst file and just overwrite it back into the test suite when they pulled in any changes. That caused all sorts of fun.
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Re: How to make data binding permanent?

Post by mcockburn » Fri Jan 12, 2018 11:45 am

The same issue has happened to me twice in version 8.0.0 (Windows 7 64-bit) but I am unable to reproduce it so have been wondering what I might be doing wrong. My scripts are under source control in Visual Studio and I have carried out the same process as I have done for previous versions of Ranorex without this issue ever occurring. I haven't seen any merge conflicts, errors getting latest version or errors checking in pending changes. Excel data files have never been changed.

If it happens again I'll take more care to think about the actions that have been performed and then hopefully recreate it every time.