How to organize test cases?

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How to organize test cases?

Post by flashmark » Mon Nov 24, 2014 10:45 am


We are planing to automate our tests using Ranorex and we have some questions regarding organizing the test cases (And executing it).
Our product basically can be divided in to two components.There are no much shared similar features in those component 1 and 2

In components 2 there are 10 sub components and some of them dependent(E.g. Sub component a1 depend on sub component a2 and a3 but not other components.)

When running tests, we have to select some test cases from Sub component b1 and all the test cases from b2 likewise.We have a plan to run all the test cases in every night.

1. When structuring the test cases how do we organize test cases to meet with above requirements?
2. How do we select test cases to execute? Do we have to manually select them? ( i think passing hundred of test cases IDS is not a proper solution here?

Do you have any suggestion for this?


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Re: How to organize test cases?

Post by Support Team » Wed Nov 26, 2014 4:46 pm

Hi Flashmark,

Do you already know our blog Organizing a Test Automation Project with Ranorex Test Suites? This blog contains a detailed description and samples about organizing tests.

Another great resource that details how to organize test cases can be found in our screencasts.
Here is the link to our screencasts: link

Markus (S)