How to rename a project and its namespace in Ranorex?

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How to rename a project and its namespace in Ranorex?

Post by lukaskupasz » Wed Jul 04, 2018 11:21 am

Since the naming of our project changed, I would like to concistently reflect that change in project-names and namespaces within my solution. Also, the standard test suite file files (.rxtst, .rxtmg, .rxrep) should be renamed accordingly.

What I tried:

Renaming the solution and projects within the Ranorex IDE works fine.

Renaming the standard test suite files in the Ranorex IDE will rename all references, except for references to the repository within CodeModule files. These will point to the previous repository name, resulting in compile errors.

Renaming the namespaces in the Ranorex IDE is not supported. Renaming (refactoring) the namespace in Visual Studio works in that the solution will compile just fine afterwards when compiled in Visual Studio. However, opening the solution in the Ranorex IDE will regenerate the code of recording modules, which still point to the previous, no longer valid repository name, resulting in compile errors.

Any suggestions how to handle the scenario efficiently, consistently and correctly? Many thanks in advance!

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Re: How to rename a project and its namespace in Ranorex?

Post by odklizec » Thu Jul 05, 2018 12:19 pm


I would search a replace all instances of old name, using a good programming editor, e.g. notepad++. Just make sure you have a working copy of solution stored in your vcs ;)
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Re: How to rename a project and its namespace in Ranorex?

Post by keeso » Wed Jun 26, 2019 2:51 pm

Using this thread because it is not locked yet :)

I also have a testsuite that I want to rename. I have tried it with Notepad++ but I didn't do it correctly so it became a read only suite. The problem I have is that that name of the project files does not change. A lot of names inside the files were changed but I need the filenames to be changed too. Can a kind soul tell me exactly wich settings I need to use when using Notepad++ . If this is possible at all.

Thanks in advance.

UPDATE: I did it with notepad++ for the names inside the files and I renamed the files (about10-15) manually.