IE 11 and document mode

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IE 11 and document mode

Post by bennylew » Tue Mar 29, 2016 12:42 pm


I've got an huge problem: I developed a testautomation for our project. We are using IE 11, but to now the IE was set to document mode 8. So this was our base für developting tests.

In future the Software developer set the x-ua-compatible-header to "edge". This results in several changes inside the html source code which let fail our testcases. The most often Problem are double spaces. With document mode 8, there were no double spaces. But with document mode edge there are lot of double spaces and other changes inside the html.

I developed a tool which replaced inside the rxrep all spaces in xpaths with ' +' (regex for one or more spaces).

Is there a better way to handle the Problem? i am not satisfied with my solution and in my opinion the Software developers should not force me to use a different document mode.

I hofe you understand my problem :)

best regards