Jenkins and licensing for POC

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Jenkins and licensing for POC

Post by emaschiettofx » Mon Feb 13, 2017 12:23 pm

my company selected Ranorex for Mobile UI Test Automation.
I have to prepare a POC for integrating Ranorex with our Jenkins based continuous integration infrastructure.
Is is possibile to do that with Trial Version of Ranorex Studio or it is needed to buy a license?
I read in /blog/integrate-ranorex-in-any-continuous-integration-process/
Setting up Ranorex test automation in your CI system
Note: You have to install Ranorex on each machine you’d like to execute Ranorex tests on. You’ll need a valid license to do so. Please find more information about Ranorex licenses on our dedicated Pricing page.
and almost the same:
Note: It is necessary to have the Ranorex main components – and a valid Ranorex license – installed on each machine you want to build and execute Ranorex code.
in /blog/integrating-ranorex-automation-in-jenkins-continuous-integration-process/


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Re: Jenkins and licensing for POC

Post by krstcs » Mon Feb 13, 2017 5:16 pm

First, I use Jenkins all the time to run my tests. Works wonderfully.

Second, yes, you will need a full license in order for it to work correctly. The issue is that Ranorex will display a Trial Confirmation dialog every time it starts if there is no license. There is no way around this without getting a license. This will mean that even though Jenkins can start the test executable, the test won't run because the dialog will stop it.

Having said that, if you EMAIL Ranorex at [email protected], they are usually happy to help with issues like this. They may be able to get you a 30-day license for your POC that would allow you to get past the trial dialog. However, you will have to ask them. I do not work for Ranorex, I'm just a VERY SATISFIED customer, so I only give advice and cannot commit Ranorex to doing anything, so take it for what it's worth.
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