Mouse click action in modal window does not work on a Virtual Machine

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Mouse click action in modal window does not work on a Virtual Machine

Post by Andrea » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:15 pm

Hi all,

hope you could give me a hint.
I am currently automating some modal dialogs which work fine, besides for one specific dialog form. I use my local computer (Win 10) for the creation and a Virtual Machine (Win 10) for test execution.
The matter is, that the dialog should be closed by the use of the Close button. Which is working on my local computer but not on the VM. In both cases, the Test Report returns a success. But after the execution of ranorex, the dialog is still open on the VM.

I attach a snapshot of the dialog for your reference. Does anyone have any idea or faced similar issues?

Tanks in advance,
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Re: Mouse click action in modal window does not work on a Virtual Machine

Post by odklizec » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:36 pm


There are couple of issues ;)

At first, you are using an obsolete and no longer supported Ranorex version 8.0! Please update Ranorex with most recent 8.3.2 and check if the problem still exists. It makes no sense to debug a problem with such old version.

At next, the snapshot you provided shows a technology limitation warning.
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Please read the troubleshooting guide.
Aside of what's suggested in the guide, try to run Ranorex Studio/Spy as administrator! Running Ranorex as administrator often fixes similar technology limitation issues.

If none of the above steps helps, you can try to uncheck "Use asynchronous dispatching of mouse and keyboard events" (Settings >> Advanced tab).

And finally, what often helped me in similar cases (missed mouse clicks on VM), enable Turbo mode in problematic recording.

Hope this helps?
Pavel Kudrys
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