.NET 5/C# 9 Support?

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.NET 5/C# 9 Support?

Post by jarrettmk » Thu Nov 19, 2020 6:37 pm

Does anyone know if Ranorex Studio plans on supporting .NET 5/C# 9?
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Re: .NET 5/C# 9 Support?

Post by odklizec » Thu Nov 19, 2020 10:30 pm


Could you please elaborate, what kind of support do you expect? Just compiling or tighter integration, like language specifics, intellisense and so on? I can only guess, that Ranorex will eventually support compiling with these versions. But as for tighter integration, I would not put too much hope into this? You see, Ranorex IDE is built on now abandoned Sharp Develop IDE. And any integration of modern .Net/C# tools and technologies would most probably require enormous effort 😉 But who knows? Definitely not me. I’m just a regular user like you and most of people here 😉
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