No executable files are created from test suite

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No executable files are created from test suite

Post by BlindJones » Wed May 13, 2020 6:25 am

Good morning,

I have a very large solution with different smart folders and test cases in it.
Now I want to be able run just parts of that solution by executing ".exe"-files from the bin-folder.

I created another test suite "TestSuiteB" (under the main project in Ranorex Studio), copied a part of the main test suite "TestSuiteA" into it and compiled the whole solution.
Now I can see the "TestSuiteB.rxtst" file in the solution folder, but sadly no executable file is created, I still just can see "TestSuiteA.exe".

Am I doing something wrong? Has Ranorex to be configured to create *.exe files of every test suite? Maybe what I am trying is not the best solution for this task?

My thoughts on possible solutions were
1) To copy the whole solution and make every part I want to run seperately an own solution
2) To create different projects within this solution
But all that would take a lot of time due to the solution size...

Thank you for your feedback!

Best regards

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Re: No executable files are created from test suite

Post by Stub » Wed May 13, 2020 8:04 am

The .EXE is named by the project settings, not by the test suite. Run the solution project .EXE with a command-line parameter that specifies which test suite you want it to execute. Use /ts:"<full path to your test suite.rxtst>" for example. Also look into run configurations if you want to just run parts of a test suite, accessible again via the .EXE command-line e.g. /rc:"your run configuration name".