Not able click on behind the screen application

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Not able click on behind the screen application

Post by buddyRano » Mon Mar 08, 2021 2:38 pm


I have two applications and Both applications are open.E.g. A and B applications
I have added validation steps for both applications in test scripts. When script validate data on 'A' then next step is validate data on application on 'B'.
But Ranorex clicking on 'A' application screen always. Actually Ranorex considering application 'B' is visible and clicking on 'A'. This script was working on previous versions. But now its not working.I have added attribute visible = 'true'. But its not working.

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Re: Not able click on behind the screen application

Post by odklizec » Fri Apr 09, 2021 11:06 am


The problem is most probably that the xpath behind the given element is common for both apps? And if both apps are running at the same time, Ranorex always picks the first one found, which may be either app A, but it may not always be the app A. Sometimes, it may happen that app B is found as first one ;)

So, I'm afraid, your only reliable option is not to run both apps at the same time. Eventually, you may need to minimize one of the apps and heavily rely on visible attribute. In case the app is minimized, 'visible' attribute used in repo element should help to find only the element in visible app. Hope this helps?
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