Parallel execution in ranorex

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Parallel execution in ranorex

Post by mohan.pentyala » Tue Feb 18, 2020 6:53 am

Hi ,

Currently, we have 50+ cases which will take total execution time of 3-4hr. We need to decrease the execution time to 1 hr or less .is there way to approach to solve this problem?

We were going through remote agent will it help us? and will the remote agent supported from Jenkins as well

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Re: Parallel execution in ranorex

Post by odklizec » Tue Feb 18, 2020 8:57 am


I think your only hope is to split test execution to multiple machines? This can be done via command line, where you can specify data connector range, run configuration or even particular test cases, you want to run. The downside of this solution is, that this will end up with multiple reports. There is currently, unfortunately, no way how to merge reports from multiple sources. And another bottleneck may be a number of Ranorex licenses you own? You see, for every test you want to run (on different machine) you need at very least one Ranorex runtime license. So in case you want to paralelly run tests for example on 5 machines, you would need 5 licenses ;)

And yes, remote agent execution should be possible even with Jenkins (again via command line). However, since you are using Jenkins, it may be a more convenient way to define a Jenkins job for each test, so you don't have to use remote agent execution at all? I personally consider remote execution via agent a handy tool for people, without proper CI in place. Eventually, if one want to do a quick test on a remote machine, without trigerring entire CI process. But I would definitely not consider using remote execution via Jenkins (an CI) as a standard way of executing tests. It just seems over complicated? ;)
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