Parallel Execution with Load Sharing

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Parallel Execution with Load Sharing

Post by twadhwa » Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:31 am

We have a test suite of over 100 test scripts and we have 30 vm runners that we can run this suite on. We have enough licences to run these on all the machines simultaneously.

What we are looking for is the best way to run our suite on all machines simultaneously so that the script distribution is also managed. for eg: When the suite is started all 30 machines start executing first 30 of 100 test scripts. Any machines that finishes it's execution will continue to pick from the remaining 70 and so on as other machines finish they will pick too.

So on average any machine will end up running 3-4 test scripts and our 100 test scripts would be executed in a very quick manner.

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Re: Parallel Execution with Load Sharing

Post by krstcs » Wed Mar 29, 2017 2:37 pm

You need to use a Continuous Integration (CI) system such as Jenkins (free!), TeamCity, or Bamboo. Ranorex does not have any capability to handle this situation.

I have a similar issue and have been using Jenkins, along with some creative use of plugins, to allow for a very dynamic runtime usage of my 8 VMs. Once you get it set up it works great.
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