Ranorex exeutable

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wisam elyan
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Ranorex exeutable

Post by wisam elyan » Thu Dec 20, 2018 10:00 pm

Hi Team
I have serious problem when I compile project and create exeutable and try to run in in other PC
The other PC have ranorx runtime floating license when I try to run the exe file it take about 10 sec to lanuch and more that 30 sec invistgate UI element
I try to invistegate some paramters using WPF file
I need to know if any one faced this problem and I really need help to solve that
it Does not make sense that its take so much time

appricate your help


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Re: Ranorex exeutable

Post by odklizec » Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:31 am


I'm afraid, it's impossible to tell what's wrong without seeing your app, or, at very least, Ranorex snapshot of the app under test and the xpath of problematic element (as stored in repository). Could you please upload a Ranorex snapshot (NOT screenshot) and xpath of the element?

Also, have you tried to add your app under test to Ranorex white list? This could speed-up search for the element, because Ranorex tries to search the element just in the whitelisted app, instead of scanning all available apps.
Pavel Kudrys
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Please add these details to your questions:
  • Ranorex Snapshot. Learn how to create one >here<
  • Ranorex xPath of problematic element(s)
  • Ranorex version
  • OS version
  • HW configuration