Ranorex fails to detect element on AUT

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Ranorex fails to detect element on AUT

Post by Rashmi » Wed Aug 08, 2018 11:47 am

Hi All,

We are using Ranorex 8.2 to test our Application and facing issues which are listed as follows:

1.Scripts were working fine until last week but now suddenly the script has stopped recognizing the elements on AUT .
The newly recorded element is also not getting detected on AUT.

2.We are facing issue only with ranorex environment where the AUT goes to not responding state on click of particular element through ranorex script (Even if we manually click on the problematic element causing AUT crash when ranorex script is running, the AUT crashes). But the catch is AUT is not affected when the same element is clicked manually without ranorex environment.

3.Page down which was working fine in order to fetch the element passed by the user is also not working.This is a major blocker which is stopping us from executing the script to analyze the element as passed by the user.

PFA zipped file containing following requisites describing the problem along with snapshot and log:
1.Ranorex snapshot of the element not recognized as descripbed in step-1
2.Ranorex log of the element not found error as described in step-1
3.Screenshot of AUT going to not recognized state in ranorex environment.

AUT is tested on windows7 remotely using ranorex script.

Kindly help in getting the issues resolved.

Rashmi C
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Re: Ranorex fails to detect element on AUT

Post by Support Team » Thu Aug 09, 2018 2:24 pm

Hi Rashmi,

We have received your support query with the above issues and have since responded. We look forward to your reply!

To anyone else who comes across this thread with similar issues, I will post the solutions once they are found.

Kind Regards,