Ranorex in a Zero Client Environment

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Ranorex in a Zero Client Environment

Post by mcs » Mon Apr 27, 2015 8:12 pm

This is a general question about others' experiences running Ranorex in different environments.

My company uses VMware vSphere as the cental management tool in a VDI environment with zero clients for each user. My experience with Ranorex has not been smooth or consistent and I'm wondering if there might be some known tweaks that I might perform to make the experience better...
I have frequent Ranorex lockups and crashes while running even the simplest of tests which gets very frustrating. I'm not blaming Ranorex for this; I love the product; I'm just looking for someone who might have had experience with this and has, possibly, found a solution.

I have just updated to the latest (5.3.2) version and found no difference in behavior.

Thanks so much for any information you can provide on this,