Ranorex is not making actions when executed with Jenkins

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Ranorex is not making actions when executed with Jenkins

Post by julez90 » Mon Nov 30, 2020 9:05 pm

Hello together,

i have really annoying issue that (web-)tests which are executed by Jenkins (not as a service!) are not going to take actions as defined in the modules.

For example:
- Browser will open but no buttons (e.g. login-button) will be clicked (They can be identified without doubt, XPath also correct and robust!)
- "Empty" key sequences BUT ranorex is switching the input-field (e.g. username / password mask)

- Ranorex running with latest version
- Ranorex Plugin for Browser and Jenkins with latest update
- Jenkins slave on Virtual Machine (= test environment to run tests on it)
- Jenkins is not started as a service!

- Web-Tests definitely did have worked before with Jenkins, but i stopped executing the tests for x months because there was no need
- Active User Session = true! (on VM) (No black screens in test-report)
- Other jenkins project (SAP GUI) is working with -similiar- project settings and -similiar- settings in jenkins-project
- It doesn't matter if i'm doing delays or wait times.. even overdoings 10 second wait times or WaitForExists() in user code modules doesn't resolve the issue
- When running the tests locally and manually via testproject.exe everything works fine (same as on the VM!), but test-project executed via jenkins is not working
- ranorex and browser are started as administrator on VM

- Issue appears only with Chrome!
- When I'm executing the test on the vm locally without jenkins it works fine but executed via jenkins not
- I've also made a simple test on www.google.de (typing in "test" in search-field, search and validate something) to verify that it's not caused by a inaccurate xpath or something else which is also working locally but not when executed via jenkins

I'm really confused about this situation. Has anyone made similiar experiences or came in contact with issues like this?

Best regards and thanks in advance!
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Re: Ranorex is not making actions when executed with Jenkins

Post by julez90 » Tue Dec 01, 2020 2:03 pm


Issue is fixed now. The Ranorex Chrome Plugin caused this issue. Possible Reason:

Installation of Ranorex Plugin via wizard can only be done as administrator. If i'm not running the wizard as administrator, then it will throw an error after installing process (because of some registry access stuff).

But when I'm installing the plugin as administrator it causes to problems as described before. The plugin is not removable from chrome only via wizard (uninstall) because it is blocked by policy.

I removed the plugin via wizard with admin rights and then installed the plugin directly over the chrome extension marketplace. In this setup everything works fine.

Maybe a help for someone out there.

Best Regards