Ranorex queries

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Ranorex queries

Post by bigzero2201 » Sun Aug 11, 2019 1:03 pm

Hi Team,

Can anyone help me with below doubts:

1. How to provide the relative paths of executable files in “Run Application” command. Passing dynamic paths in launching some application ? [Hardcoded paths will not run on all environments ]
2. We have WPF based simulators in our automation environment. One simulator control are recognize using “WPFOnly” Setting where as another simulator get recognize using “UiaOnly” option, But my testcase uses both the simulators. How can we change the Setting of recording from WPFOnly to UiaOnly at the run time ?
3. How to access the common recording module across projects ? recording module create a copy of recording if we access in another project and changes done at one place will not reflect in other projects? How to handle the case, if I want to share “Login to Application” recording module common.
4. How to handle IF-ELSE conditions in testcase steps ? if I have scenarios to perform one steps and based on its outcome do step2 or step 3, how that decision making can be automate in Ranorex. ?


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Re: Ranorex queries

Post by odklizec » Mon Aug 12, 2019 10:46 am


1) In most cases, I'm personally using variable in run command and I'm filling that variable from data connector or global parameter. Eventually, you may need to merge the relative path, provided from variable, with actual path to test exe. This could be done via code. Unfortunately, without knowing more details about your test environment and AUT paths, it's hard to suggest something definitive.
2) You can switch WPF plugin in realtime, using below lines:

Code: Select all

Ranorex.Plugin.WpfConfiguration.WpfApplicationTrees = Ranorex.Plugin.WpfTreeSelection.UiaOnly;
Ranorex.Plugin.WpfConfiguration.WpfApplicationTrees = Ranorex.Plugin.WpfTreeSelection.WPFOnly;
3) Check this blog post, about organizing projects and sharing modules between projects:
https://www.ranorex.com/blog/organizing ... est-suite/
4) Conditions in recording modules can be currently handled only via code. Which means if you want to do some if...else operations in recording modules, you must convert recorded steps to user code and only then you can add conditions and other user code, to your recorded actions. You may also want to read this blog post, about sharing results and data between modules:
https://www.ranorex.com/blog/sharing-da ... o-another/

Hope this helps?
Pavel Kudrys
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