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Ranorex Studio Record Options

Post by krishnakumar.vengada » Thu Jun 23, 2016 12:53 pm

Hi Ranorex Team,
We are using Ranorex for testing webpages.(Internet Explorer) We have started using Ranorex quite before some days and exploring the different options provided by Ranorex and we are quite pretty happy with the capabilities of Ranorex :D :D :D
Currently we have two queries on which we need some ideas/approach.

1) Regarding Automation of the recording.
Testing Approach what we follow:-
a) Open the webpage.
b) Click on Record on Ranorex and record all objects present in the webpage.
c) A C# file called "Recording1.cs" will be created which contains all the object names, properties etc
d) We copy this file to Visual Studio along with necessary Ranorex Visual Studio Plugins and we call the objects from the Recording1.cs in different test scripts. This is the approach we follow in our test strategy.

So now every time when a new webpage is created/developed, We open the webpage in Ranorex and record all the objects (buttons,textbox,label etc) in the webpage by clicking on it so that it will be recorded in the Recording1.cs.
Is there any way to record all the objects in the webpage automatically rather than manually recording it (by selecting all the objects one by one).

2) Compare Webpages:-
Is there any way to find using Ranorex that an object position is modified between webpages? (For eg:- Search button is located at (0,0) in Webpage_1.html and when the button location is updated to (120,150) or some other value, Ranorex isnt throwing an error stating that the position of the button is changed whereas its clicking the button.)
Is there any way to find using Ranorex that an object position is modified between two webpages?

Krishna V

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Re: Ranorex Studio Record Options

Post by Support Team » Mon Jun 27, 2016 3:58 pm

Hello Krishna V,

Welcome to the Ranorex forum!

In regard to your first question, I would suggest using Ranorex Spy to add all visible web elements to the repository. First, track the corresponding web page, select the dom element in Ranorex Spy and choose 'Add to Repository (incl. Children)'.
add_to_repository.png (24.76 KiB) Viewed 822 times
Detailed information about adding repository items can be found in our user guide.

Concerning the second question, Ranorex recognizes web elements via the RanoreXPath independently of the current screen location. You could try using the layout attributes of certain web elements to verify their correct location on the screen.
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I hope this information will help you.