Ranorex v9.2 and WPF

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Ranorex v9.2 and WPF

Post by Hondo » Fri Nov 01, 2019 10:57 pm

Just wanted to let you know that we finally got an opportunity to upgrade from v8.3 to v9.2 (in-between test cycles etc.)
N' from the experience so far its been a profound improvement in testing our WPF application.

These are the improvements that have helped so far:
  • The Improved upgrading experience without conversions. This will smooth out the test script management and version control A LOT.
  • Improved overall test performance by up to 30%.. AT LEAST. UI Object identification had to improve for this to be accomplished and we've noticed. 8)
  • Fixed a bug where WPF controls without a namespace would not be available in the WpfImproved element tree. No doubt this was an issue for us in certain places. :idea:
  • Fixed a UI bug with the Key data property for the Key shortcut action
  • Fixed a bug where dependent files would be renamed incorrectly if the name of the parent file was changed
  • Fixed a bug where renaming project items with dependent files would create additional links in the project file if the dependent file was not changed
  • Plus we picked up a solid handful of updates to XPath processing that are making certain jobs MUCH EASIER.
UI elements Ranorex could not see before, are suddenly easy to address.
Modal dialogs that could only be addressed through key commands are now addressable and have been completely mapped. :D

Still have yet to explore the Improved and extended image-based testing functionality.. but have plenty of reason to loop back around on that issue.
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Just wanted to say thanks for this release. Big changes for us.
Much appreciated!