Ranorex vs open-source alternatives

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Ranorex vs open-source alternatives

Post by NuzakFarnas » Tue Nov 05, 2019 5:20 am


In which cases/areas Ranorex has advantage over free automation alternatives? What justify its cost?

I have two ideas for implementing testing tool to my project. We test native mobile, web and desktop app at the same time, however, mobile is our main focus and web+desktop are only 10% of all tests.

My idea is to implement Appium for mobile + TestStack.White/FlyUI for desktop + something for web - all three in .Net using VS.

Another idea is to buy/use Ranorex. But what is Ranorex advantage? Is it worth it?
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Re: Ranorex vs open-source alternatives

Post by odklizec » Wed Nov 06, 2019 8:59 am


What I see a biggest advantage is that Ranorex is "all in one" solution, which allows me to build seamless desktop web and mobile tests, without hassling with different products, user guides and more or less adequate support or user forums. True, Ranorex is not cheap. On the other hand, it's "all in one" package, for just single license! Other commercial products are licensed per supported technology (separate license for desktop, web and mobile), which means you pay more in total.

Another great advantage is its relative easy adoption by non-developers. There are many super skilled manual testers, who never wrote a single line of code. Give them VS and bunch of open-source tools, which needs to be integrated, and they are completely lost. Try the same with Ranorex Studio and you will see the difference! With good guidance, you can transform those guys from pure manual testers, to skilled TA testers!

I don't use VS, so Ranorex Studio is all I need and to be quite honest, I think that people using VS loosing a lot of Ranorex potential. Ranorex Studio offers great management of UI elements, via integrated repository, plus super easy management of test suites and data connectors. And all this makes my TA life a lot easier. I just don't have to take care of everything from scratch and simply focus on building test cases. This alone is a great bonus! I don't really want to build and manage my own repository code ;)

And finally, Ranorex support is very responsive and always ready to help. Plus Ranorex releases service versions nearly on monthly basis and major version once a year. I don't think this all is something one gets from open-source solutions? ;) Before I adopted Ranorex at my previous workplace, I did a serious comparison of "free" and commercial tools and Ranorex was a clear winner. 7 years, another company and several licenses later, I still consider Ranorex the best tool for desktop, web and mobile TA and the best bang for your buck ;)
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