Ranorex vs open-source alternatives

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Ranorex vs open-source alternatives

Post by Sanjay852 » Mon Aug 31, 2020 2:37 pm


In which cases/areas Ranorex has advantage over free automation alternatives? What justify its cost?

I have two ideas for implementing testing tool to my project. We test native mobile, web and desktop app at the same time, however, mobile is our main focus and web+desktop are only 10% of all tests.

My idea is to implement Appium for mobile + TestStack.White/FlyUI for desktop + something for web - all three in .Net using VS.

Another idea is to buy/use Ranorex. But what is Ranorex advantage? Is it worth it?


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Re: Ranorex vs open-source alternatives

Post by odklizec » Wed Sep 02, 2020 7:41 am


I may be biased to answer this question, but here I go anyway ;)

The first and foremost advantage of Ranorex is unified environment and format of tests. You see, with Ranorex you don't have to use multiple tools and once you learn it, you can write tests for mobile, desktop and web apps and even combine them in one (or multiple) test suite! You can even combine web, desktop and mobile steps in one test! I really doubt there is an open source/free solution offering this?

Another major advantage of Ranorex is this community forum. It's already filled with huge amount of solutions and tricks and it's well organized and easily searchable. And of course, Ranorex support answers many of the posts as well. Community forums of many open source projects (not just TA-related) are a mess of unanswered posts, because nobody is really responsible for answering customer's posts ;)

And finally, open source solutions are usually never as comprehensive and powerful as paid solutions.

My advice to you, try to implement a simple test case, both in Ranorex trial and any open source/free solution you may find and you will see how easy or quickly you can implement your tests with both tools.

Of course, Ranorex is not cheap and if you are on a limited budget, open source/free solutions may be the only option. But paid solutions will be always in advantage, because there is someone actually responsible for development and support. Just look for the frequency of Ranorex service releases and major/minor enhancements done in the past. Then compare it with any open source solution you will find.
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