Ranorex with CodedUI - Mising reports

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Ranorex with CodedUI - Mising reports

Post by bennylew » Thu Jun 22, 2017 10:25 am


I implemented our infrastructure similar to this tutorial: https://www.ranorex.com/blog/running-ra ... t-manager/

I have a testcase in TFS as workitem which is associated with a coded ui testcasemethod. This method calls the Ranorex testsuite with arguments for the testcase that should be executed:

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int error = TestSuiteRunner.Run(typeof(T), @"/zr /zrf:report.rxzlog /tc:" 
                    + context.TestName + ranorexTestfallParameter);
Later I add the zipped report file to the testcontext of coded ui:

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This works fine in case I have only one iteration in my TFS testcase (workitem).

But often I want to execute datadriven tfs testcases. For each iteration the Testrunner.Run method is executed so I expect n different zipped reports at the end. But I got only one report fpr the first iteration.

If I look into the temp folder where all the stuff during execution is located I can see the default report (.rxlog) which contains at the end all iterations (but is still "in progress" even if the execution has ended).

I would like to have one (or) n zipped reports containing all terations. Can anybody help?

TF 2017.1, Ranorex 7.0.0