Record text inputs as Set Value steps

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Record text inputs as Set Value steps

Post by danielku15 » Wed Jul 13, 2016 7:20 am

Hi Ranorexers.

I am currently investigating on different GUI automation and testing tools and so far I'm impressed by Ranorex. There is currently only 1 major thing I don't like about it: The recording of text inputs.

When you record your test workflow of filling out a form you have to be very careful how you interact with the GUI controls. For instance you always have to:
1. Click in the textbox
2. Press Ctrl+A
3. Write the input

Only this way you are sure the textbox will really contain the values you want to have and not maybe a previous value that was there.

I saw there is a "Set Value" step you can add manually to the recording module but it's quite a lot of work to replace all those inputs manually after recording.

Is it somehow possible to let Ranorex record those inputs as "Set Value" steps instead of the raw keyboard inputs? Technically it should be "easy" for the recorder. Whenever a click + text input is recorded on an element, it could check if the element has a "Text" property available for "Set Value" and then merge the 2 steps into a single "Set Value" step.

Kind Regards

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Re: Record text inputs as Set Value steps

Post by krstcs » Wed Jul 13, 2016 3:16 pm

Hi Daniel!

Using Set Value is really not recommended, in my opinion, in this instance because it actually sets the GUI element's value directly without causing any events to fire. It is quite different than when a user enters data. And since you are testing the GUI, you would really probably want to test it the way the user would do it.

Using Keyboard actions like you are doing is really the better way, in most instances.

Set Value should probably be reserved for specific uses cases.

But this is my opinion...
Shortcuts usually aren't...