Renaming recordings while using Project View

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Renaming recordings while using Project View

Post by dabramov » Fri Apr 17, 2009 8:21 pm

In the project view when you rename recordings it appears that the files get all screwed up. They (what appears like) randomly go back and forth between the original name and others.

Try to create 2 recordings (Recording1 and Recording2). Are they supposed to be added to Program.cs automatically? (mine didn't). If they don't add automatically then add them.

Try to rename Recording1 and Recording2 and make sure to rename the class name also. You will notice strange things will start happening. Just to make it more interesting switch to "Classes" view and do the same - then it really starts having problems.

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Post by Support Team » Mon Apr 20, 2009 9:03 am

You are correct, if you rename your recordings or repository class names you will need to update the references to them manually. In the near future probably in the next upcoming release the references will be updated for you automatically. Additionally, the class name and file name are independent of each other. If you want to change the class name of the recording or repository use the configuration dialog in the recording or repository editor.

The program file is not changed by the designer. The code inside this file is your code, we leave it up to you to decide when, where, how and if the recordings should be called. The template calls the recording one Start method just as an example to show you how you may call it.


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