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ReportToPDF issues

Post by JulianS » Mon Nov 20, 2017 12:32 pm

I recently added the Automation Helpers to my project and am using the ReportToPDF module (Ranorex v7.2.1, ReportToPDF v1.0.12). I queued up a number of test runs on a Ranorex Agent machine to run. On the first test run, the ReportToPDF module threw an “Out of Memory” exception and halted all further tests due to requiring a key press to continue.

Why would you put a “Press any key to continue…” prompt in an automated test? The offending code can be found in the ReportToPDFModule.cs file within the ‘catch’ block in the “CreatePDF” method (I have commented the lines out but since this is a nuget package, it will get overwritten if I update it).

Is the Out of Memory issue a known issue? I can’t see anything particularly unusual about the size of the log but there are about 50MB of screenshot images. The rxlog is ~600kB and rxlog.Data ~ 1800kB. It doesn’t seem to have retained the .rxzlog even though the ‘create a compressed copy of the report’ tick box is ticked - this is another bug? The code comments suggest it should only delete the compressed version if it is not ticked in the suite properties (the actual code doesn't check).

Any advice?

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Re: ReportToPDF issues

Post by Support Team » Wed Nov 22, 2017 4:30 pm

Hi Julian,

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to reproduce your issue with the "Out of Memory” exception. Therefore, I would suggest sending an email directly to Ranorex Support Team with a detailed description of your problem. [email protected]
We could also have a remote session if necessary.

I'm looking forward to your email.