run button vs. run selected items

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run button vs. run selected items

Post by Dhundley » Mon Feb 15, 2021 6:13 pm

I have a test suite/test case in which the first recording contains one single entry that simply launches an application installed on the system (see attachment).

IF I right click on that line to bring up the context menu and then click Run Selected item(s) it works perfectly.

The application splash screen is displayed and stays in view and a few seconds later the first form requesting the initial login information appears

But, IF I click the RUN button across the top of the Ranorex menu bar something goes wrong.

The application splash screen flashes for a second, goes away and that's it.

The report tells me that the script ran successfully (green pie chart and all) but it most definitely does not work.

I've submitted this to the ranorex support team attaching snapshots , compressed solution, etc but I thought I would also check here to see if anyone has any ideas. Why would this statement in the script be handled one way by the Run Select Items and a different way when using the RUN button?
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