Run test from AWS

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Run test from AWS

Post by pawnder » Fri Mar 05, 2021 1:01 am

We've developed a test suite for our application that takes about 2 hours to run. I'd like to automate running the test overnight with the latest build and have the results waiting for me in the morning. I'd like to spin up an EC2 instance in AWS and run the test there, but, right now, our Ranorex license server is inside our firewall. Has anyone else solved this problem and have a recommendation? Thanks.

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Re: Run test from AWS

Post by Jacob » Thu Apr 08, 2021 10:43 pm

Hi pawnder,

My name is Jacob and I'm one of the engineers here at Ranorex. There are a few options available for situations like this. I'll outline them in order from the most preferred to the least preferred. These are the preferences here at Ranorex, but your organization's needs may prioritize each of these differently.

If your organization has a VPN and the License Manager is available over VPN, this would be the simplest approach to use.

Licensing Change
It is possible to convert one of the Runtime licenses from a floating license to a node-locked license. This will require some work on the Ranorex side, but would allow the EC2 instance to run tests outside of the network where the License Manager operates. This change will require an update to the License Manager which may cause others using Ranorex Studio at the time of the License Manager Update some issues. This will depend on the licensing situation at your organization, which we can chat about separately if deemed the most appropriate course.

Firewall Exceptions And Port Forwarding
It is technically possible to open a port and set up forwarding to the License Manager so the EC2 machine can reach the License Manager, but we generally discourage this for security reasons. However, with proper security protocols in place, this can be a viable solution when done correctly.

I hope this information helps!