Running Ranorex Test cases from Coded UI Test method

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Running Ranorex Test cases from Coded UI Test method

Post by rajkamal04 » Tue Jun 13, 2017 2:25 am


I am trying to call a Ranorex test cases from a coded UI Test method.

Here's my code:

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 public void StartRanorexTestCase(string tc)
            int error = TestSuiteRunner.Run(typeof(Framework.Program), "/tc:" + tc);            
            if (error != 0)
                throw new RanorexException("Test run failed! See report.rxzlog for further details!");
        public void CodedUITestMethod1()
However, this code doesn't execute and throw error stating that it cannot found the "Framework.rxtst" in the location".. visual studio 2015/Projects/CodedUIAndRanorex/TestResults/dummyHostname_ 2017-06-12 16_18_53/Out/.

I have copied all the output files generated from both coded UI and Ranorex solution to a folder "C:\dlls".

How can I ensure that this code

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 TestSuiteRunner.Run(typeof(Framework.Program), "/tc:" + tc);            
search for related files in "C:\dlls" but not in coded UI auto generated folder "out" ?

Is there any way that I can force "TestSuiteRunner.Run" to execute the test cases located in " a specific folder". Assuming all the required Ranorex output files are already available in same folder.

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Re: Running Ranorex Test cases from Coded UI Test method

Post by McTurtle » Wed Jun 14, 2017 2:11 pm

Hello rajkamal04,

The coded UI file that you are executing is located in "C:\Dlls\"? Are you using MTM?

Furthermore, it seems that TestSuiteRunner.Run does not have an option to change the directory where it would look for the files.
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Would it be possible for you to reference the dlls in your test solution and have the Framework.Program and other related Ranorex files in the coded UI output directory?