Running testcase on an assigend tab

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Running testcase on an assigend tab

Post by [email protected] » Mon Dec 17, 2018 3:40 pm


I am using RANOREX 8.3.1. I have some administrative tasks that need to be done before my test case runs. These tasks must be done by an admin profile on our system. I want to create a script that does the tasks, but only after I have manually logged in. I do not want to store the sign on information for this user in the test case. I want to be able to open a new tab, sign in manually, and then have the script execute the tasks. When I try to do this, it seems to randomly select a web browser tab and then tries to execute the tasks. I usually have multiple instances (tabs) of IE, Chrome, and FF running. Is there a was to force the script/test case to run on an open tab of a web browser?


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Re: Running testcase on an assigend tab

Post by odklizec » Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:14 am


I think you have two(three) options. At first, make sure there are no multiple browsers open, especially not with the same pages/tabs, which may collide with your test. At next, you can add @BrowserName attribute tho the dom's element xpath. This will assure the repo elements will be searched in particular browser (still, there should not be multiple tabs/pages open within that browser). And finally, you can add browser's process to the Ranorex white list.
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