Service Virtualization / Integration with SoapUI

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Service Virtualization / Integration with SoapUI

Post by Jan-Peter Richter » Fri Nov 13, 2020 1:59 pm

In my client's organization, Ranorex and SoapUI have been used for test automation. I recommended to use methodologies of service virtualization in order to allow for automated testing even in situations where external services are not available for testing. We are now looking for the best strategy how to use the established tools for this purpose.
  1. Does Ranorex Studio or any other Ranorex product support service virtualization out of the box - or do we need an additional tool? [I can't find anything related to "service virtualization" when searching the Ranorex web site].
  2. If we decide to use SoapUI as an additional tool, does Ranorex offer mechanisms to integrate it into the automated tests?
For the second question, I may have to add more background information:
  • First, Smartbear - the company behind SoapUI - distunguishes between "service mocking" and "service virtualization". While the former is said to be "context-specific, simulating a specific behavioral response to fulfill a certain development need at a certain time", the latter is said to be more generic and reusable for different testing purposes. The distiction may be motivated by the fact that Smatbear sells commercial products like ReadyAPI and ServiceV that are said to be capable of "service virtualization" while the open source SoapUI is said to be capable of "service mocking" only. Anyway, we currently see the need for "service mocking" [Smartbear] only, but we may need "service virtualization" [Smartbear] in the future.
  • Second, a simple service virtualization strategy in test automation could be to provide a test service provider that can answer the service requests of the system under test with a predefined service response - completely independent of the test driver. In this case no integration between the test driver (Ranorex) and the virtualized service provider (e.g. SoapUI) is needed. The test is determined to be sucessfull / failed by the test driver only by looking at the system's response to the test driver (that depends on the service providers response, of cause). In a more sophisticated strategy, the test driver also looks at the service request that the system under test sends to the virtual service provider and may also influence the virtual service provider's service response. This would allow for a more generic virtual service provider (i.e. some of the logic necessary for the specific test case can be incorporated in the test driver, not the virtual service provider) and for more "whiteboxing" tests - not only the reaction of the system under test at the test driver-facing upper API is asserted but also the behaviour of the system under test towards the underlying service provider. For such a scenario, an integration between test driver and virtual service provider is necessary. It would be great if Ranorex offers interfaces to integrate (SoupUI-)based virtuals service providers - especially if the developers have already created such virtual test service providers for their fine-grained developer tests. These test service providers can then be re-used for higher-level integration testing.

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Re: Service Virtualization / Integration with SoapUI

Post by odklizec » Wed Nov 18, 2020 8:34 am


I'm afraid, there is no any kind of Ranorex to Soap UI integration. All you can probably do with Ranorex, is to send soap requests directly from Ranorex code and process the results also via code. I've posted small example of sending soap requests from Ranorex here:
I'm using this approach in one of your projects. It's most probably not perfect, but it works for my needs. I'm sure you can find a lot of more C#-based examples of sending soap requests via google search and adapt them easily for Ranorex ;)
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