Sharing test cases between solutions

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Sharing test cases between solutions

Post by Henry » Mon Nov 21, 2016 1:29 pm

I would like to share a test case between two separate solutions.
I have a test case (parent) containing more test cases (children), plus the recording modules within each of the children test cases.
I would like to reference the parent test case, and therefore all children test cases and recording modules within a separate solution.
Reading online blogs (they seem old - 2014) this only looks doable by referencing individual recording modules.
This will take quite a while to do.
Is there not an easy/simple way to do this (perhaps this functionality has been added recently)?

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Re: Sharing test cases between solutions

Post by krstcs » Mon Nov 21, 2016 5:44 pm

Test Cases cannot CURRENTLY be shared between solutions (or even between projects in the same solution) in the way you are suggesting. Test Cases are unique constructs inside the Test Suite that they are created in.

If you are wanting to be able to reuse portions of your test code, you can create libraries that contain modules for each of the actions you want to share.

It is my understanding that in the future the Ranorex team is trying to make the test suite modular so that they can be used in other projects in the solution, but I'm not sure this helps in your case. However, when (or even IF) that might happen is not clear and the Ranorex team does not release a timetable for these sorts of things. The best thing you can see to indicate any changes is their product roadmap here:
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