Should i have programming knowledge to use Ranorex ?

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Should i have programming knowledge to use Ranorex ?

Post by Aniruddh » Sat Jun 17, 2017 1:00 pm

Hello Support Team,

I have 4 years of manual testing experience and i have never used any automation tool, now that my company has brought Ranorex tool, i want to have my hands on it.
1) So now my question is should i have programming knowledge to use Ranorex ?
2) If yes please let me know what are the things i should learn in programming.
And yes scripting language is C#
3) The document Guide to learn Ranorex which you have provided is enough to learn Ranorex ?

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Re: Should i have programming knowledge to use Ranorex ?

Post by odklizec » Mon Jun 19, 2017 9:36 am


In my opinion, Ranorex is perfectly usable without programming knowledge. However, scripting can greatly enhance your test automation workflow and overall experience. At some point in time, you will realize that some things are much easier to do with simple if...then conditions, loops, etc.

I would suggest you to read this 3-part blog on this topic: ... eparation/ ... ills-exec/ ... -analysis/

As for your questions:
1) Not necessarily, but I would recommend to learn at least some basic programming skills.
2) I would suggest to start with C#, which is probably used by majority of forum posters.
3) Yes, you can learn everything you need just with User Guide. But there are also great screencasts and webinars available (check the Support section of Ranorex forum). And also this forum is a great source of knowledge!

Good luck!
Pavel Kudrys
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