Simplified Test Deployment in v8.0

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Simplified Test Deployment in v8.0

Post by ziasim » Wed Jan 17, 2018 9:21 am


I recently upgraded my ranorex installation to v8.0 due to some new added features. One of the feature is that we no more need to install Ranorex runtime environment on machines where we want to execute the scripts. For this I believe a new setting has been introduced on settings general tab with name 'Runtime'. We need to enable this option which will in turn add all the required runtime files in debug folder under Runtime folder name. We then need to copy debug folder on runtime machine for execution of the scripts.

This far is understandable but now what? Do I need to follow now XCOPY deployment procedure to run tests on runtime machine or do I need to follow some other way to execute my tests on this machine :?: .

If I need to follow XCOPY deployment method then question is why they have added and claimed this new feature because XCOPY deployment is there for ages.

Any clarification/help would be regarded.



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Re: Simplified Test Deployment in v8.0

Post by Stub » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:00 am

I haven't upgraded to Ranorex v8, I haven't used this feature, so I'm totally guessing. But I imagine it copies Ranorex runtimes into the binary output folder? So when you copy all that to a target test machine that target machine does not need Ranorex installed. In previous versions you'd presumably need the Ranorex runtimes installed somewhere on the system.

But that's a total guess. I have Ranorex installed on our test machine and I've not advanced to things like remote agents yet.