Smartfolder not executed from Jenkins!!!

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Smartfolder not executed from Jenkins!!!

Post by NuzakFarnas » Wed Nov 27, 2019 5:31 pm

I have two run configurations: TestRun for running individual tests from Ranorex during development of tests and another configuration for whole regression set. When I run individual test from Ranorex, the smartfolders are executed as they should. Then I select the regression run configuration, ensure that every test and every smartfolder has been checked and click "build all". Then I copy the .exe and .rxtst from the bin/Debug to another machine and run the tests from Jenkins. Now the smartfolders are not executed, like their check-boxes wouldn't have been checked. Some of them have if conditions (but the conditions are not inspected) and some have no conditions.

What could be the reason? I have faced the same problem every now and then, but now I'm not able to avoid it at all. Ranorex is the latest 9.0.1 version.

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Re: Smartfolder not executed from Jenkins!!!

Post by odklizec » Thu Nov 28, 2019 8:37 am


At first, recent Ranorex version is 9.2.0, and not 9.0.1, which is quite a bit obsolete ;)

As for your problem, it seems to me as there is something mixed up with the rxtst file or the way you are running the project via Jenkins?
1) Are you pretty sure that the rxtst file copied to Jenkins machine (or better said its Run configuration) does have correct Smart folders enabled?
2) And are you sure that Jenkins starts correct rxtst file?
3) How do you "copy" the exe and rxtst files from bin/debug folder?
Ideally, you should not "copy" anything, but configure Jenkins to get the latest version of your test code from source control management system of your choice (git, svn, tfs, etc...) and then build the test on Jenkins machine, where you want to run it on. This is the correct approach. Anything else could be a source of problems.
4) Also, how do you start the exe (please post entire command line)?
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