Software freezing/crashing only with Ranorex

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Software freezing/crashing only with Ranorex

Post by tallahassee101 » Mon Dec 03, 2012 2:58 pm


I've been having trouble recently with using Ranorex ( we are using version 3.3.3 right now ) to run automated tests on our software. It seems that certain actions in our software hang or freeze when done with Ranorex; however when the same action is done by hand there is no freeze or hanging at all. The actions are usually as simple as clicking a menu item in a CMenu or clicking on an MFC button or checkbox. If I kill Ranorex ( hitting Pause Break button ) then my application will stop hanging almost immediately. This is of course making it impossible to run our tests successfully.

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Re: Software freezing/crashing only with Ranorex

Post by Support Team » Mon Dec 03, 2012 3:34 pm


Could you please try to install our current version of Ranorex and run your test case.
Download Ranorex 3.3.4 from here.
Please verify if you have all prerequisites of Ranorex installed (System Requirements).

Please post a Snapshot of your application.
Take a look at Creating Ranorex Snapshot Files from our User Guide.

Could you please check if there are any error messages in 'Application Log' of the 'Windows Event Viewer'?

Markus (T)