Some minor issues that impair the Ranorex usability

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Some minor issues that impair the Ranorex usability

Post by EugeneMkv » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:18 pm

Hey guys!
I haven't found a separate thread for some tiny issues that impair the Ranorex (8.0.1) experience so I've decided to create a new post.

1) In case when a repository window contains elements with long paths, every time you click some rows in actions
grid, this window scrolls horizontally to the right so all the tree structure becomes invisible. And we have to scroll it manually to the left(see scr 1)

2) Suppose we have several tabs opened: project structure (rxtst file), some recording modules. When we run some actions in any recording module and when the process finishes Ranorex shows a report, when we close it, we see the rxtst tab (not a recording module tab). Why? We always have to switch back to the recording tab. It's not convenient.

3) Those panels for viewing screenshots always revert to default width no matter what layout is being used (scr2). Suppose We narrow these panels. Soon after some actions they automatically revert their width.

4) When we work in 2-3 displays configuration staring Ranorex Spy Track function causes mouse freezing for 3-5 seconds (when Spy collects the data on all opened windows).

5) Suppose we search come element in a repo using a search (F3) textbox. We find some element and it is highlighted. Ok. Then we delete this search pressing a red cross sign. Instantly the repo tree reverts it's position to a previous state and we can't see the element we've just found.

6) There is a problem with TFS check-in window which apparently is a child window but in most cases it appears under the main Ranorex window. And you can't switch to it, because it stays under the main Ranorex window, which becomes unresponsive. Very frustrating issue.

I hope the Ranorex team will consider some fixes of these behavior issues. And maybe I am not the first one who have noticed this.
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Re: Some minor issues that impair the Ranorex usability

Post by RobinHood42 » Mon Apr 09, 2018 12:46 pm


I would highly recommend reporting bugs directly to the Ranorex Team:

For the convenience/UI/feature request stuff you could also post your ideas to the Ranorex UserVoice: ... ve-ranorex

Robin :mrgreen: