Source Control: TFS 2010 issues

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Source Control: TFS 2010 issues

Post by dugovic.milan » Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:32 pm

Hello everyone,

our company has decied to go for Microsoft TFS as a Source Control solution, but unfortunatelly we're having some serious issues with Checking-In and -Out the data and it just happen so often that only one person can work on Solution after all. Ranorex keeps locking the files file even if there's no logical reason to do so... Not to mention that Project-Update takes incredibly long each time and freezes on Windows 10! I'm wondering if this may be caused by Ranorex itself or by TFS (Version 2010)... Anyone with the same problem?

All this made me thinking about Git as a solution to this problem :evil:
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Re: Source Control: TFS 2010 issues

Post by odklizec » Wed Dec 14, 2016 1:54 pm


Ranorex works great with TFS as long as you don't use a built-in TFS integration ;) Seriously, I would suggest to use TFS outside Ranorex. Simply, do all checkin/checkout operations using the Team Explorer. The problem with TFS integration is widely discussed here: ... tml#p37529

BTW, the solution for locked (read-only) project files is described here: ... tml#p32130
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