Spin a new VM and run ranorex tests

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Spin a new VM and run ranorex tests

Post by balee » Sat Nov 07, 2020 1:47 am

Hi guys, my first time to post here.

our team has been using ranorex 9.3.1, and so far so good.
we run a ranorex test that does test scenarios for our thick desktop client. we've also added code for it to send numbers to elasticsearch, and send alert emails in case of failures.
and now, our team would like more numbers and test volume. i've tried to check around but the closest topic related to this is "docker", but since docker has no realized desktop window, ranorex and our desktop app won't really run on it.

is it possible or can you suggest a way for our scenario to work?

what we'd like to happen would be something like:
1. spin a new instance of a "docker"/"machine"/"windows desktop"/"virtual machine"
2. make sure that instance has a copy of our desktop application and the ranorex test
3. using the floating license server, have the ranorex connect and perform its test
4. do #1 to #4 up to N instances, and generate higher volumes of peformance numbers

any inputs would be highly appreciated :D

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Re: Spin a new VM and run ranorex tests

Post by odklizec » Tue Nov 10, 2020 10:45 am


In my opinion, any attempt to use Ranorex as a load/performance testing tool, will lead to disappointment. For reasonable performance testing, you need reasonable number of licenses. And floating licenses will not help you at all, because if you have, let's say, 2 floating licenses, you will still be able to run only two instances of Ranorex tests at the same time! Floating license does not mean that you can run as many instances as you want! It just helps with running Ranorex on multiple systems, but always only one instance at a time (per license)! ;) So unless you have 50 or more Ranorex licenses, "performance" testing will be highly questionable. And 50 or more licenses will be extremely expensive experience :D
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Re: Spin a new VM and run ranorex tests

Post by balee » Wed Nov 11, 2020 1:29 am

thank you odklizec, i follow your posts a lot and they're highly informative!

i see your point and i do understand, i also believe it's a very expensive approach.
other than the licenses, the new "spun" vms too would need a huge cost.
i'll go back and discuss it with our team

we appreciate your reply :)