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Post by cmr » Mon May 15, 2017 2:05 pm


How to minimize subversion update/commit on Ranorex files when work in team ?
One modification causes update and commit always several files *.cs, ..., link files, ...
Is there a simple way to maintain Ranorex version files on SVN ?
Were find documentation ?


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Post by Support Team » Tue May 16, 2017 9:30 am

Hello C.

When doing changes in your project, for example adding an action to the recording table including a repository item, commonly the following files will be changed.
  • Repository.cs
  • Repository.rximg
  • Repository.rxrep
  • Recording.cs
  • Recording.rxrec
All these changes (except the *.rximg file if you don't need the repository images) are necessary if you want to have a running project.
You can find a list with files you can add to the ignore list of your source control system.
  • User specific files: *.csproj.rxuser
  • Solution specific files: *.rxsln.pref, *.sln
  • Project specific files: *.csproj.pref
  • Autogenerated files: *Repository.cs
  • Reports Directory: Reports/
  • Output Directories: Bin/, Obj/
  • Repository Images: *.rximg, RepositoryImages/
  • Nuget Packages: *.nupkg, **/packages/, !**/packages/build
I hope this answers your question.