The problem I'm having is with all of the validation steps

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The problem I'm having is with all of the validation steps

Post by Lylyhannah » Fri Jan 18, 2019 5:17 am

We are using Ranorex to validate a bunch of values in cells in reports on one of our web products. We validate the value in each cell in a validation step in a recording as you would expect. This product just implemented support for multiple languages and we are being asked to make the automation run in each of these languages. Most of the repo items work fine, because they are looking at other attributes besides "innertext".

The problem I'm having is with all of the validation steps, the format for currency is different. For example $49.24 is $49,24 in French, notice the comma instead of a decimal place between the dollars and sense. I know that I could variabalize all of these values then pass in the value I want for each cell from a data-source, but there are thousands of cells that we are validating on.

I was just curious if anyone has a better suggestion for how to validate these values, without creating thousands of variables, or having to implement a user code method on every validation step. I'm thinking a simple solution like putting a wildcard where the decimal place is or something along those lines. From what I've read, and tried so far, I couldn't find a way to make that work.

Thank you

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Re: The problem I'm having is with all of the validation steps

Post by odklizec » Mon Jan 21, 2019 8:57 am


In my opinion, you will have to use regex validation or some kind of user code, which will convert the reference value to actual regional format (before actual validation). Unfortunately, without seeing your project and ref. data structure, it's hard to say how exactly you should implement desired changes. Could you please post your project or, at very least, a small sample project?

BTW, you mentioned you are validating each cell in web table. Are you doing it via simple recording or are you using user code and reference table snapshot?
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