Timespan to execute a particular recording step

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Timespan to execute a particular recording step

Post by manalitatke » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:15 pm


I am trying to implement a logic in the user code module where i can get the time-span ( difference)between the start of the recording step and the end of the recording step.

I want to introduce this timespan value as a parameter in the 'Delay' Method in the user code.

I tried implementing it by using the StartTime and EndTime calculations and passing their difference as a parameter as follows:

Delay.Duration(Duration.Parse(timedifference), false);

However, i am getting an error saying that: Cannot convert from System.TimeSpan to String.

I want this time difference to be coded as a variable in the C# user code and pass it as a parameter to the Duration method.

The thing is, i want to introduce a delay for my recording step which is dynamic, and is calculated from the timespan required for implementing that recording step instead of waiting for a definite timespan of (10s or 30 s). Sometimes, the definite delay skips a few steps in between and results in a test failure.

I want to implement this logic using the code module instead of data binding using variables.

Is this possible in C# ranorex user code?

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Re: Timespan to execute a particular recording step

Post by krstcs » Fri Feb 17, 2017 6:55 pm

You are trying to parse a string, but passing in a TimeSpan object.

You need to convert the timespan into total milliseconds, as in integer, and then you can pass that into the delay directly.

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Delay.Duration(timedifference.Milliseconds, false);
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