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Post by augias » Thu Dec 03, 2009 4:25 pm

Warum werden unter Ranorex 2.1.4 TreeView/ListView nicht mehr unterstützt?
Unter Ranorex 1.5 funktionierte es noch?
Gibt es eine genaue Auflistung der Unterschiede zwischen 2.1 und 1.5?


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Re: TreeView/ListView

Post by Support Team » Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:59 pm

Hi Jörg,

First of all I just want you to know that it would be better to post your requests in English and not in German to the forum, so everyone can understand your posts.

It seems to me that there is some special control in your application which is recognizable but can not be addressed directly with Ranorex Spy (V2.0). Did you try to search for the list and the items manually within the Ranorex Spy element tree? Basically, Ranorex V2.X supports all technologies and controls Ranorex V1.5 did support - and many more!
However, we know about some situations in which Ranorex Spy does not always highlight the right element in the UI structure, meaning the actual elements are there, but Ranorex Spy shows e.g. a parent of the actual element. With the spy tool from version 1.5 it was not required to integrate elements into a tree structure. Maybe that's why it seems to you that the old spy sees more than the new one. You should try to enable element highlighting in Ranorex Spy and navigate in the element tree, I'm pretty sure you will find all of the elements there you could recognize with Ranorex 1.5.

Maybe you can provide us with a Ranorex snapshot file showing us more details of your application under test.

Read more about how to do that here: ... html#c2072

best regards,
Ranorex Support Team