Unable to find element locator under FlexGrid

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Unable to find element locator under FlexGrid

Post by swatantra » Fri Sep 28, 2018 8:31 am

Hi Support team,

I am exploring Ranorex tool for our client. I am facing some issue during the controls finding. I am unable to locate the element like Date, Status, Type etc.

I need find the controls under grid. Snapshot of our application is attached.
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Re: Unable to find element locator under FlexGrid

Post by odklizec » Fri Sep 28, 2018 10:26 am


From the snapshot it looks, like you are using Windows XP? Ranorex dropped support for Windows XP in Ranorex 8.0. But I'm afraid, older Ranorex versions are no longer supported too.

Additionally, the snapshot does not contain Ranorex version, which leads me to believe that you are using something prehistoric, like Ranorex 3 -5? I'm not familiar with FlexGrid and since you forgot to post the xpath of the problematic element, it's impossible to suggest something reliable. But again, since you are using a pretty old Ranorex version, there is nothing or very little anyone here can do or suggest.

I see you are already using rawtexts? So if you are not able to pick what you want with rawtexts and changing Ranorex settings does not help too, you are most probably out of luck and using screenshot-based automation is your only hope (if your Ranorex version supports it?).

I would suggest to test your app with most recent Ranorex version (8.2.1) and at very least Win7 (if not Win10).
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Please add these details to your questions:
  • Ranorex Snapshot. Learn how to create one >here<
  • Ranorex xPath of problematic element(s)
  • Ranorex version
  • OS version
  • HW configuration