Unit test and test coverage in Ranorex

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Unit test and test coverage in Ranorex

Post by rastek » Sun Feb 21, 2021 12:57 pm

I want to use Unit Test and cove coverage features in Ranorex but I do not know where to start (I know SharpDevelop and openCover thinks please do not write me these in the first)

I really wonder why there is no official Ranorex page for some feature existing in Ranorex -> Tools -> Unit Test and Code Coverage
We only know this options exist in Ranorex but no one knows how to use it, and never answered fully in the previous pots

I see few posts about Code Coverage , most of them points of this link which does not open

http://community.sharpdevelop.net/blogs ... Cover.aspx

I found PDF of this page which tels opencover. However it is still unclear where to downlaod and how to use it Ranorex.

How to write a unit test in Ranorex ? using nunig nugets ?

Is code coverage about covering of some development code with unit test, or its coverate of test code itsef ? ıf so whats is coverage based on ?