Web and desktop in SAP solution how to divide the tests

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Web and desktop in SAP solution how to divide the tests

Post by ascii » Tue Feb 25, 2020 4:04 pm


I'm automating SAP application and I have some tests on desktop app and other on web app. I have to be able to check if data entered by web application are correctly saved by using desktop application.

How should I divide the tests?

Should I have one solution and two projects or maybe just one project but separate repositories and test suites for web and desktop?

What about running tests from Jenkins (not set up yet). Is it possible to select which project I would like to use or is it more easy to have just one


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Re: Web and desktop in SAP solution how to divide the tests

Post by odklizec » Wed Feb 26, 2020 8:30 am


Basically, you are going to do an end-to-end test? I would personally use one Test Suite with two projects. One for desktop app, the other one for web app. In one Test Suite, you can easily combine modules from multiple projects, even within the same test case! And in future, you can always load individual projects to other test suites.

As for Jenkins, I think that final implementation depends of your expected test workflow? You can still use single test suite and simply use run configurations or calling individual test cases from it, regardless of used projects. Basically, Test Suite defines the test flow and with run configurations, you can specify a range/number of tests you want to run (full, smoke, debug,...). Hope this helps?
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