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Recommendations for optimum performance

  • Processor: 2 GHz dual core; 4 GB memory, 1GB free disk space for Ranorex Studio plus required libraries.
  • Close all unrelated background applications items/tabs before install and running software.
  • Periodically clean up the Repository cache or turn off app folder caching

Quick start with Ranorex Studio test automation

The easiest way to create your first test with Ranorex Studio is to record a manually executed test scenario. The recorded actions, such as mouse clicks or keyboard actions, are the basis for building a robust test case. The following “Getting Started” screencasts will give you an overview of Ranorex Studio. You will learn how to record and execute a test, validate specific steps in your test scenario, and how the recorded actions are connected to the user interface of the application under test.

#1 Download and install Ranorex Studio
#3 Record a test
#5 Execute a test
#2 Create a test solution
#4 The action editor and the repository
#6 Resolve a failing test case

Additional resources


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Reliable object recognition

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