CSV File

You can also use a CSV file to provide data for your test suite by choosing this type of data connector. After adding a CSV file data connector, the data source management dialog will be opened.

You can edit the name of the data connector in the text box marked in red and choose the CSV file by selecting a file in the green marked area. By checking or un-checking the check box marked blue you can decide either to include or to exclude the selected CSV file to your test suite. By checking this check box, a copy of the file will be placed in your solutions folder. By checking the yellow marked check box, the first line of your CSV file will be added as the header of all rows.

Set up CSV file as external data source

Set up CSV file as external data source

To protect proprietary data like passwords you can mask specific columns of your data source.

CSV data connectors are, like simple data connectors, not read-only. You can add rows and columns in the same way as described in chapter Simple Data Table. The changes to your table will be applied to the CSV file. If you have chosen the option 'Include File in Test Suite' in the data source management dialog, the changes will be applied to the local copy of your CSV file.