To make an iOS app automatable by Ranorex, it is necessary to instrument this application and deploy it to a device. The Instrumentation wizard can be used to deploy the instrumented app to the device.

Note Deployment only works for USB connected iOS devices.Have a look at iOS Testing - Instrumentation and Preparation to learn how to instrument iOS applications.

Note It's recommended to fresh instrument your app for every new Ranorex release. For further information have a look at the section Mobile Testing - Versioning.

iOS instrumentation wizard

iOS instrumentation wizard

Instrumentation settings

Next to instrumenting and deploying your iOS app, the Instrumentation Wizard allows you to update the Ranorex Service on your device as well as deploy the RXBrowser app, which enables web testing for iOS.

Choose the IPA file of the app and the device, the app will be deployed to.

To instrument the IPA file of the app, a p12 key file, the corresponding password and the mobileprovision file are necessary.

Note The iOS signing needs to be configured only once. The settings will be saved for future IPA files instrumentation.

More information about setting up a mobile device and deploying from windows machines can be found in the section iOS Testing.

To delete the existing version of the app on your device before deploying a new one, check the corresponding check box.

Finished iOS instrumentation

Finished iOS instrumentation

The instrumented IPA file can be found at location referenced by the link 'Open Instrumentation File location'.

After instrumenting and deploying the IPA file, the app is available in the Create a mobile test' dialog.

Instrumented APK in Create a mobile test dialog.

Instrumented APK in Create a mobile test dialog.

Note iOS application packages (IPA files) that have been downloaded from the App Store will not be instrumented correctly, because they have the DRM (Digital Rights Management) restriction.

Note Because the Ranorex automation lib uses non-public APIs, make sure that you do not submit a Ranorex instrumented app to the app store as your app might be rejected and you might be banned from submitting apps to the app store for a period of time.